Xbox Series X News

Xbox's new Edge browser supports keyboards, Stadia and Discord

Along with a new Play Later discovery feature.

Xbox uses its social media reach to encourage players to get their COVID-19 vaccinations

"The vaccines don't contain microchips or magnets, they don't alter your DNA, they don't give you COVID-19, and there is no evidence they have any impact on pregnancy or fertility."

Xbox app now lets you set spending limits for child accounts

And approve purchases, view spending history.

Xbox Series X mini fridge launches later this year

"A new system that leaves others cold."

Xbox Party Chat gets text-to-speech and speech-to-text as accessibility push continues

"We strive to make Xbox the most inclusive gaming platform on the planet".

Microsoft's gaming revenue shoots up 50%

Xbox Series X and S "will continue to be constrained by supply".

The Rock is sending people Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridges

Or you can try and get your own via Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft now testing Chromium-powered Edge on Xbox

Opening the door to Stadia and xCloud.

CEX under fire from customers and staff for eye-watering £815 PlayStation 5 price

"Am I expecting to receive abuse from customers when the stores reopen? Absolutely."

BBC iPlayer won't work on Xbox Series X at launch

EA Play app also not supported, but there are workarounds.

Microsoft is seeking acquisitions of "small to big" Japanese development studios

"The Xbox has a chance to make Japan its second-largest market after the US if it takes the right steps for years to come."

Xbox and PlayStation revenues rise as next-gen looms

12 hours of PS5 pre-orders matched 12 weeks of PS4's.

Xbox Series X has tactile indicators over the ports

Also helps for reach-around cabling.

ShopTo warns customers with Xbox Series X/S pre-orders that they may miss out on launch day consoles, too

The news comes just days after the retailer sent similar correspondence about PS5 pre-orders.

Key retailer websites go down amid Xbox Series X pre-orders

All Access sellers GAME, Smyths both offline.

Xbox Series X costs £449 in the UK

X and S pre-orders go live 22nd Sep 2020.

Microsoft rebrands Xbox Game Pass

"Trying out a new look."

12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions have been quietly withdrawn by Microsoft

Microsoft did not announce the change nor expand on why it had taken the decision to delist the subscription.